ICP Dfinity Podcast (UN SDGS)


Promote a newly launched podcast and share with a new audience for ICP (Internet Computer).

The aim of the podcast is to grow interest from the social enterpise sector in developing DApps on ICP’s network.


Developed a social media based strategy to create content which showcases speaker insights.

We created content with its own unique identity, in order to stand out in a rapidly developing space.

Vertical Content

Edited specifically for TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts and LinkedIn. 

Reaching a new audience for ICP Dfinity.

Content and insights extracted from the podcast to be reused as part of a wider marketing campaign, to drive traffic to Dfinity’s grant programme. 

Rebalance Earth


Rebalance Earth sought to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges associated with Climate Change. The campaign materials needed to demonstrate real action and be able to tackle complex topics, which ordinary people do not often engage with.

It was important to ensure that the conversation was not just as ‘Green-washing’ and had real ambition to change the status-quo.


Create an ongoing campaign of content on selected topics, aimed at engaging Gen Z.

The materials should demonstrate progress around the world on the subject of Climate Change in all its forms. Distribution was primarliy aimed at TikTok and Instagram to encourage and foster conversation on the developing subject of Sustainability.

Industry News

We created a series of market insights to engage and inform Rebalance Earth’s audience and community.

Intended to be short, informative, shareable and in the moment.

Often produced immediately after being announced or published, we wanted to add our own twist to current affairs which impacted the sustainability community. 

Expert Opinions

Rebalance Earth was fortunate to have access to many sustainability-related industry experts. 

However, they were not leveraging their expert opinion beyond their internal business silos. 

It was our job to bring those respected voices and insights to the fore. 

We were able to engage across many interesting subjects and share those to improve brand recognition in complex market.

Podcasts and Webinars

Not all ideas and insights can be conveyed in a 30 second video. 

Longer form content was very useful to spend more time with experts and engage with the community.

In particular to celebrate wins and reflect on progress the small startup made in just a few months. 

Play Video
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Pitch Materials

Pitch materials go beynd VC funding and can be helpful when engaging with new partners, or just trying to explain the venture to a colleague. 

Getting buy-in at any level is tricky, without the right materials.

We supported the business by compiling and creating materials which would help the team to promote the business in any situation. 

Building a Brand

What should a brand like this look like?

With core pillars focused on Blockchain, Climate and Sustainability – there are quite a few considerations. 

We knew that climate change is an emotive subject, whilst blockchain and financial services are disticntly less ‘attractive’.

So it wa important to lean into those strengths with visual aspects, but ensure the detail wasn’t lost. 

One Year with Rebalance Earth


Highlight one year of activity and campaigning for social good by Rebalance Earth.

Stage a virtual event with experts and backers of Rebalance Earth to push the message wider.


Promote and host a webinar which brings authentic voices of respected industry experts to pass comment on the endeavours of Rebalance Earth.

The webinar created many bitesize quotes which were repurposed for social media campaigns over the following months.