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Leveraging insightful content to position B2B services


Gallagher, a global insurance brokerage, risk management, and consulting firm, serves communities around the globe, helping clients address risk, protecting assets, and recovering from losses.

Discover how Gallagher UK leveraged innovative marketing strategies to enhance their B2B engagement and drive product awareness in a competitive market.


Engagement with a B2B Audience

Gallagher UK needed to enhance their ability to effectively reach and engage with decision-makers within the insurance and risk management sectors. The challenge was to cut through the noise in a highly competitive market and capture the attention of high-level executives responsible for making key business decisions.

Complex Product Communication

Insurance products and risk management solutions can be highly complex, involving a lot of industry-specific jargon that may not be easily understood by all B2B customers. Gallagher UK faced the challenge of simplifying and clearly communicating these complex offerings to ensure comprehension and appeal across diverse business audiences.

Building Trust

In the insurance and risk management industry, trust is paramount. Gallagher UK needed to fortify their credibility and trust amongst potential and existing clients, ensuring that they are seen not just as a provider, but as a partner capable of understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses in various sectors.


With our help we aimed to support Gallagher UK ‘s existing and new campaigns in three key ways.

Enhance Engagement with Key Stakeholders in Targeted Industries

The goal is to deepen engagement with key stakeholders, including C-suite executives and influential decision-makers, across essential sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. This objective will be met by implementing targeted communication strategies, such as bespoke content designed to engage and resonate with these pivotal figures.

Streamline Content Across Platforms to Build a Cohesive Brand Voice

Gallagher UK aims to unify their messaging across various channels including their website, social media, and digital newsletters to ensure a consistent and recognisable brand voice. This objective involves overhauling existing content and creating new content that aligns with core brand values and messaging guidelines, facilitating a seamless brand experience for all B2B customers.

Increase Lead Generation Through Insightful and Data-driven Content

By leveraging analytics and customer data, Gallagher UK intends to create and distribute content that not only informs but also engages potential clients, thus driving lead generation. The focus will be on developing content that addresses specific industry pain points and demonstrates Gallagher’s expertise, thereby attracting high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers.

Customer Testimonials

Filming customer testimonials is a strategic choice that aligns well with Gallagher UK’s marketing objectives, particularly in enhancing engagement with key stakeholders and building trust. Here’s a breakdown of how customer testimonials support these goals:

Building Credibility and Trust

  • Relevance: Trust is a crucial element in the consulting industry. Testimonials from satisfied customers provide real-world evidence of Gallagher UK’s capabilities and reliability.
  • Impact: When key stakeholders, including C-suite executives, see testimonials from peers in their industry who have had positive experiences with Gallagher, it enhances Gallagher’s reputation as a trustworthy and competent partner.

Enhancing Engagement

  • Relevance: Engaging influential business leaders can be challenging without concrete examples of success. Customer testimonials serve as a potent tool for demonstrating the tangible benefits of Gallagher’s services.
  • Impact: Testimonials can captivate the attention of decision-makers by showcasing stories and outcomes that resonate with their specific interests and concerns. This can lead to deeper engagement through increased interest and dialogue around Gallagher’s offerings.

Supporting Content Strategy

  • Relevance: In line with the objective to streamline content across platforms and increase lead generation, testimonials can be used across various media to strengthen the cohesive brand voice and provide consistent messaging.
  • Impact: Well-crafted testimonials can be featured in videos, case studies, social media, and presentations, contributing to insightful and data-driven content that attracts and retains the interest of potential leads. They provide authentic, relatable content that can improve content efficacy and lead conversion rates.

Enhancing Personalised Marketing Efforts

  • Relevance: Customised marketing efforts require a deep understanding of the customer’s journey and needs. Testimonials allow potential clients to see how Gallagher tailors solutions to specific industry challenges.
  • Impact: By demonstrating how different stakeholders have benefited from personalised attention and solutions, testimonials reinforce the message that Gallagher is adept at addressing the unique needs of each client, enhancing the personal connection and relevance of the marketing efforts.

Using customer testimonials effectively in Gallagher UK’s marketing strategy not only supports the overarching goals of engagement and trust-building but also serves as a versatile tool in content marketing, enhancing the overall impact and reach of their campaigns.

Powerful Sales Pitches

In today’s competitive market, the synergy between marketing and sales teams is crucial for driving business success. Gallagher UK’s marketing team plays a pivotal role in empowering the sales team by developing materials that are not only rich in content but also visually appealing. This dual focus on insight and aesthetics ensures that sales presentations, brochures, and digital content effectively capture and retain the attention of potential clients.

Developing Insightful Content

The marketing team at Gallagher UK concentrates on creating content that is deeply informed by industry insights and customer data. This approach involves:

  • Research-Driven Content: The marketing team conducts thorough market and customer research to understand the needs, pain points, and preferences of Gallagher’s target audience. This research informs all content creation, ensuring that the material is relevant and addresses the specific challenges faced by potential clients.

  • Tailored Messaging: By segmenting the audience based on industry, role, and business needs, the marketing team can tailor messages that resonate strongly with each group. This customisation increases the effectiveness of the sales team by providing them with a suite of materials that speak directly to the concerns and aspirations of each stakeholder.

  • Educational Focus: The content goes beyond promotional pitches to educate the audience about complex insurance products and risk management solutions. By demystifying these topics, Gallagher establishes itself as a thought leader, building trust and confidence among potential clients.

Creating Visually Engaging Materials

Visual appeal is not just about aesthetics but is also a powerful tool to enhance comprehension and retention of information. The marketing team ensures that all sales materials are visually engaging by:

  • Professional Design: Utilising professional graphic designers, the marketing team creates materials that are not only visually appealing but also align with Gallagher’s brand identity. Consistency in design across all materials reinforces the brand and helps make Gallagher’s documents instantly recognisable.

  • Interactive Elements: For digital content, incorporating interactive elements such as infographics, animations, and clickable sections can significantly enhance engagement. These elements make the exploration of complex information enjoyable and memorable.

  • Clarity and Accessibility: Visual elements are designed to clarify complex information, making it easily accessible. Good design helps break down dense information into digestible chunks, using bullet points, charts, and diagrams to highlight key points and data.

Collaborative Effort

The marketing team works closely with the sales team to continuously refine and update materials based on feedback from the field. This collaboration ensures that the sales team is equipped with the most effective tools to engage potential clients, answer their questions, and overcome objections in real-time.

Through these efforts, Gallagher UK’s marketing team significantly enhances the capabilities of the sales team, ensuring they have the insights and visual tools needed to make a compelling case to potential clients. This strategic support not only boosts the efficiency and confidence of the sales team but also contributes to a cohesive customer journey that is reflective of Gallagher’s high standards and deep industry knowledge.

Simple Insights

The team at Gallagher wanted to supplement their existing marketing efforts, improve ROI and levels of engagement.

The team are already delivering insightful and expert led webinars and reports.

But they want more and the ability to reach out to their audiences beyond an activation campaign.

Leverage existing materials and share those expert insights further by creating additional opportunites, ready for use on their social media channels and lead-gen materials.

We helped to extend the shelf life of their campaigns through video for social media, creating additional insights from reports.

Timely Content

Relevance and Responsiveness

  • Value: By responding quickly to changes in the industry, Gallagher UK demonstrates its responsiveness and relevance in the current economic and regulatory landscape. This showcases their capability to stay ahead of trends and regulatory changes that could impact their clients.
  • Impact: Such responsiveness assures clients that Gallagher is not only well-informed but also proactive in adapting to changes that affect the industry. This positions Gallagher as a trusted advisor who is prepared to guide them through shifts in the regulatory environment.

Opportunity for Leadership and Influence

  • Value: Timely responses to major events offer Gallagher the opportunity to lead conversations in their industry. It allows them to shape discussions around how changes will affect various sectors and what businesses should do to adapt.
  • Impact: This leadership strengthens Gallagher’s brand authority and can influence decision-making processes within their client organisations, potentially leading to more business opportunities and collaborations.

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