Provide marketing services for blockchain business B3i Services in Switzerland. Manage B3i’s entire digital marketing strategy across multiple regions and jurisdictions.

B3i offers technical solutions to industry challenges. This meant engaging a B2B audience whilst conveying complex ideas simply in the context of existing customer problems.


Customers need solutions which solve one problem at a time.

We helped the B3i team to have those conversations and help customers gain a strong understanding of the solution prior to engagement from the Sales teams.

Building trust in the technology and keeping it simple was how we approached this challenge.


Capturing soundbites from senior business leaders was essential for social proof and engagement with other important industry figures.

We devised the questions and focus of the interviews to ensure best representation of key topics and B3i products.

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Trusted by

These are just some of the businesses we worked directly with on this project, across many levels in their businesses. 

Product Explainers

FinTech products are often loaded with jargon. 

It was our job to simplify the proposition and show how pain points are resolved.

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Live sessions used to engage with B3i’s community and customers.

Sharing insights and the latest product developments directly to an audience helped to build customer trust and create a medium to engage with the Product and Sales teams.

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Annual Conference

Bringing together industry experts and community members to showcase B3i’s solutions. 

Held annually in Amsterdam, the conference was broken down into workshops, panels and keynote presentations. 

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Innovation & Workshops

Working with the Product team to create engagin workshops for customers and the wider community.

Live sessions enabled B3i to reach a wider audience and share ideas with immediate feedback.