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B3i, the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative, invites industry experts to discuss their insights into the business of Blockchain – exploring current trends and challenges faced by the Insurance industry.

Mark Simpson is an expert consultant working in the world of change, his field of expertise has rested on insurance, re-insurance, and in particular the people, process and technology interactions.


  • Blockchain can enable more than an efficiency play, it can help truly serve customers and provide a platform for growth 
  • Managing the change and Industry mindset is a hurdle for our ‘multiple intelligences’
  • Blockchain alone is not a silver-bullet to solve all problems; it can be like using a hammer to open a tin can. But it can solve some problems extremely well.
  • Blockchain is a strategic opportunity; it is not something that should be looked at through the lens of “will pay back this year”. It is more of a paradigm shift rather than a quick fix.

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