Agile Insight: Less time, less money, more insight?




Agile Insight: Less time, less money, more insight?


Increasingly stakeholders are asking us to do more with less.

  • With internal resource already stretched do we need to change the way we work?
  • Should we be more “agile”?
  • What does agile even mean in the world of research and insight?


Stefan Schafer, Director at Incite, AURA’s Agency of the Year, will tell us how agile can inspire us to make the insights and planning process more effective from start to finish and share some practical tips to for creating more agile projects.

Webinar: Agile Insight

Webinar: Agile Insight




Incite Marketing


Stefan Schafer is a Director at Incite Marketing Planning. His background is in large-scale public sector research. He’s moved into commercial research 10 years, focusing on FMCG, working in both qualitative and quantitative fields.


He now leads Incite’s FMCG practice and helps develop the agency’s consultancy offer.



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