AURA Event – London 2019

AURA’s  seminar (16th July 2019) looked at a range of disruptive technology in the insight sector, and what impact this may have on your insight team. This promises to be a thought-provoking and engaging day, so please sign up if you haven’t already as places are running out.


Attendees heard how SKIM and Johnson & Johnson discovered the emotions in decision making; using innovative technology to detect emotions in voice, and help them to understand stress.

Metrix Lab will take us through a case study showing how they accelerated the speed of advertising creative learning with artificial intelligence.

Dynata will show us a new way of testing concepts in research through a self-learning algorithm: quicker and more flexible than other methods.


At each event AURA hosts we want members to take away tangible learnings that can be taken back to the workplace. This event is no different, at this seminar you will experience the following:

Nick Bonney from Deep Blue Thinking and Mike Stevens from Deep Blue Thinking will run an interactive workshop on the emerging technology landscape, the implications for insight teams and agency partners, and how teams can work in more agile ways. What new skills will we need to nurture?

What are the new sources of data which are currently hidden? What are the key studies of today which may become less relevant in the future?