National Citizen Service Spring 2017 Programme

About the Client


The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a UK Government voluntary personal and social development programme for 15–17 year olds in England and Northern Ireland.


The NCS works with partner businesses to deliver their programmes across the UK. Partners like Personal Best Education who are Hampshire’s largest provider with over 2,000 students per year.




Covering all four phases of the NCS programme, we followed along on the journey of the young people as they experienced NCS for themselves.


We aimed to capture the fun times, the challenges  and the pay off of all their hard work.




The moments matter and we were there to photograph them. From that first moment standing up on a windsurf board, to raising money with your friends for your chosen charity.




We made sure all that content was seen that day. There’s no point saving all the media and content on a drive to gather dust somewhere.


Throughout the programme we put that content to good use across Instagram (incl. Stories), Facebook, and Twitter. Engaging with the brand’s immediate and extended audience in the moment.


For this project we created a series of five video edits, one for each college involved as a highlights reel of their time on NCS.


People are an important part of the content we create for this programme.


It was important to be a part of the activities with the young people as they take on new challenges and make new friends. Challenges come as this is a high energy process involving water sports and other outdoor activities.


Engaging Media

The programme works with many partners across Hampshire.


As part of our process we ensured we engaged with partners whilst on-site, and online in Social Media posts. This ensures they themselves engaged with our posts and share with their wider online audience.

Brand Visuals


It’s difficult to visualise what you’ll be doing on NCS, so we wanted to share big visuals of where you’ll be and what young people would be doing.

In the Moment Comms


Natural shots like these are impromptu and great to share on social for that genuine impact.

[visualizer id=”15739″]

Facebook Engagement Rates


From the 26th March 2017, engagement rates with existing and new facebook followers grew as a reaction to the content we were sharing via the channel and on other platforms.


That engagement carried on well beyond the project end on the 23rd April as new audiences continued to discover the brand and content.

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