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The Content Review – Episode 3

The Content Review

On episode three of The Content Review with Vincent Haywood and Red Morley Hewitt :

  • 📱 Facebook/ Instagram live simulcast rumours
  • 💬 We get animated on TikTok’s pointless DM ban for under 16s
  • 👍 Went in on banks and their lack of Community Marketing


Watch the episode highlights here:

Recorded 30th April 2020

  • Should You Go Live Everywhere? Instagram and Facebook Simulcast Rumours
  • Tik Tok Doesn’t Understand Kids – Banning Under 16s Seems A Bad Idea
  • Banks Still Don’t Get It – The Right Way To Do Community Marketing
  • Could This Be An Agency Killer – Watch Unnecessary Costs Evaporate
  • Why Live Events Are Winning Right Now – The Rise of Online Live Gaming Events