7 Ways to See the Philippines by Drone 🇵🇭

Seeing the Philippines normally with your own two eyes and feet rooted to the ground is spectacular, but seeing the Philippines by Drone… Absolute winner.

Seeing the Philippines by Drone

Those deep blues never get old. It seemed like I was doing nothing but fly the drone, but I wasn’t getting tired of seeing these views.

Las Cabanas Beach, Palawan

Spend a few hours on this beach and wait out the beautiful sunsets.

Outrigger Boats, Boracay

A nation consisting of over 7,500 islands, boats are a pretty important part of everyday life.



Puka Beach, Boracay

The waves crashing on this beach were powerful. Chilling on a lounger listening to them was hypnotic.

Las Cabanas Beach, Palawan

Great place to spend your birthday 🎂

Isla Blanca, Taytay

Find yourself a private island and own it.

Sunset from 400ft

Waited a long time for the sun to eventually disappear over the horizon to reveal those last rays of sunlight.


Private beach from the top

Did I say it clearly enough? PRIVATE BEACH!

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