5 Reasons to Visit Sierra Leone

There are so many reasons to visit Sierra Leone, but let me give you just five to put Sierra Leone on your travel radar.

Last October, I travelled to Sierra Leone with a friend on a project to capture stories and tell one in particular (Going to Sierra Leone). Before I left friends and family had a lot of questions for me. Why was I going there? Isn’t it dangerous? Are you mad?

Initially I agreed with them, why was I going to Sierra Leone of all places?! However, once I got there I found 5 great reasons to visit Sierra Leone. I would like to share those with you.

The Country’s Beautiful Landscape

A tropical climate with jungle in every direction. When you’re down amongst the jungle is stunning. From the air it’s even better!

The People

Cannot say this enough, the people of Sierra Leone are amazing. I’ve never met such happy people, the kids were all too keen to be “snapped”.

Check out this guest post from WildMinds on the People of Sierra Leone and the impact they have on travellers.

Epic Sunsets

Grab a beer on a rooftop in Makeni and watch the sun go down.

Adventure on your doorstep

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Jungle and Motorbikes. What more could you ask for, than riding through some incredibly beautiful surroundings and tackling sometimes difficult terrain – just makes for an awesome adventure!

If you haven’t seen it yet – here is our video on that adventure, cleverly named “Motorbikes. Jungle. Sierra Leone”.


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Yes, bananas – No I haven’t lost the plot. The bananas there are a great reason to visit Sierra Leone. They’re so sweet!

5 Reasons to Visit Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a stunning country with so much more to explore. I only made it to the Northern regions, imagine how much beauty and adventure is out there!