What I learned writing my own job ad

How often do you really ask yourself, what is it I do?

Writing my own job ad

Whilst writing my own job ad, I recently had the chance to help shape what the job description for my replacement looks like. And naturally, who knows my job better than myself?

But asking me what it is I actually do is a difficult question. I know what my job title is and general responsibilities are, throw in some corporate jargon and that’s what I tell friends and family.

I know that when I talk to friends they skate over the details and justify the lack of detail by saying “and some other boring stuff”.

Sit Back, Orientate Yourself

Our working lives are naturally ordered by hours, days, weeks and months. That makes it difficult to sit back and really think about what it is you do day-to-day vs month-to-month.

I began writing my own job ad description by placing myself within the context of the team and how I help them get things done.

But it hit me when I started listing off the skills I bring to the table. Once I broke down all the work I’d had a hand in or had led on, it was startling to realise the number of skills I actually had.

My advice is to sit back and look at the body of work you’ve been involved in, even over the last six months and then attribute the skills you’ve used on each project.

**Embrace that immediate moment of pride**

Thinking Space

As a Digital Creator, thinking space is an undervalued asset as it should be for any professional.

Finding the time is your first challenge. At first it won’t seem natural, but you’ll begin to put the pieces together correctly as opposed to bashing them into place to meet your deadlines.

I’ve seen high-flying professionals tackle this in their own way. Thinking space can manifest in many different ways:

Reclining in your chair, staring out the window, taking a walk around the park, talking it through with a colleague…

Whatever it is, use it to your advantage.

Writing my own job ad needed thinking space. I wasn’t recruiting for myself, I had the team in mind and how that person needs to integrate and stand out to deliver their role.

An important part of that process is understanding where that job will likely go. You can’t predict the future but you can have a good stab at it.

Thinking space will give you the perspective needed to keep asking “what is it I do?” and what will the next person in my shoes be likely to do.


If you want the opportunity to create within a large financial services firm and continue to innovate in that space, this could be it.

Ageas Direct are seeking their next Digital Creator to work as part of their Innovation Team. This is a team not like any other. They’ve been building their in-house capability for the past 18 months, to deliver products customers actually want, redefining processes, and improving our workspace for our employees.

You’ll be fuelling that process, by bringing their ideas to life. How often can you say you get to create startups to put in front of consumers for direct feedback, develop content plans that showcases the great work you’re doing and work in a truly innovative business?

Digital Creator

And of course, here’s how I expressed what it is I do everyday:

Alternately, check out my Linkedin here.


Writing my own job ad