How to Acquire London

Interested in how to Acquire London?

London is a big place, with a wealth of history and beautiful buildings. And that’s probably the first thing you notice, it’s beauty and the grandeur of the buildings that make up London.

How to Acquire London

Well then onto the matter at hand, how to Acquire London?

Step One: Possess an intricate knowledge of your subject matter, buying and selling property in London
Step Two: Have great working relationships and links within your industry that no one else has
Step Three: Have a keen eye for beautiful and unique properties

If you don’t happen to have that skill set, that’s okay because I am referring to a new business with experience in all of the above.

Acquire London pride themselves on being experts in prime London real estate. Their years of experience investing in this sector and passion for this market has led Acquire London to develop an intimate understanding and build a knowledgeable position of the prime residential property market. They offer a highly tailored service to ensure we match our clients with the most suitable property for their needs.

Working on How to Acquire London

For the past six months I have been working with Acquire London to shape their brand, develop their web presence and consulting on digital marketing. So the question really was how to Acquire London.

From the outset the partners of Acquire London had a vision for the look and feel of the brand. It had to highlight the beauty of London and capture the desire to be a part of the city.

First thing was to head out with one of the partners and walk the streets in search of some beautiful shots that would come to represent the brand.

Representing the Brand

Finding out what the brand looks like in someones mind versus a broad description varies wildly. Being able to have them walk the streets and discuss the brand as I shoot photos, was invaluable.


How to Acquire London

We were able to work on the style and the content of the photos in the moment. The result was a rich and wide selection of shots to represent the brand.

Building Online Presence

My first piece of work was to understand what Acquire London wanted to achieve with their online presence, what did that look like. Their ambitions were for a website that could accurately represent them, provide sufficient information about their services and provide a means of contact for their customers.

Sounds simple, but the process is not straightforward. To meet tight timescales I had to come up with a method that would put a ‘framework’ on the internet for us to work from as a base and then proceed to the next stage.


Adobe Muse – Frameworking

In order to begin working up the framework, I worked in Adobe Muse. Reasons for this, I could sit alongside the Acquire London partners and make changes on the fly to text, visuals and layout, without touching a piece of coding. This helped to streamline the process greatly.

Final Phase

Now we’re into full delivery mode. Time to make the brand shine. From the early stages of the project, it was clear the partners had a strong vision for ‘how to Acquire London’.

That was a clean and beautiful brand. To reflect this I would make use of grand and striking imagery with traditional fonts and light web design.

Moral of the story:

Work together, create beautiful stuff.

Check out the website below (opens in a new window).


Acquire London Website