Winning at 360º video

Over the last year, there’s been a lot of noise surrounding 360º video. Some has been speculation around it’s long term survival, will it just be another short-lived trend? And others have been praising, but there’s been little widespread uptake. Instead it’s been limited to just a few specialist brands and filmmakers, and those who’ve gotten into it are winning at 360º video.

In this article I will highlight a few of the people absolutely crushing it in the world of 360º video. In my opinion, it’s predominantly the bold who are winning at 360º video at the moment. From experience it’s not an easy format to work with as you’ve immediately lost the ability to frame your shot and it is immediately obvious that changes how you construct your narrative.

Worst of all, there’s nowhere to hide…

Winning at 360º video

1 // Corridor Digital

Whilst that’s an extremely daunting prospect not being able to hide from the lens, the team at Corridor Digital used that problem to their advantage. Their ‘Where’s Waldo’ 360º video addresses that head on by using their environment as their stage.

If you’ve a burning desire to see how they planned it all out, watch their Behind the Scenes.

2 // National Geographic

If performance = art, then Mother Nature is the greatest performer of all time. National Geographic have been pioneering in their field for decades, 360º video is no different. Their approach is true to their brand and in 360ºs it is formidable.

You’ll want to watch this one a few times to take in all the glory of the Victoria Falls. Whilst you’re at it check out their other 360º video on the National Geographic Facebook page.

3 // Fun for Louis

Speaking of pioneering, if vlogging wasn’t good enough for you, try 360º vlogging.

Over the past 3-5 years, vlogging has been carving its niche and building its popularity. Dubbed the Godfather of vlogging, Louis Cole (Fun for Louis) has evolved his craft to include 360º video, and its a pleasure. Just another way to immerse the audience that little more.

Future of 360º video

It is very possible you are still unconvinced by 360º video. Whilst its engaging and new, does that mean it will be around in a year’s time?

Facebook and Youtube definitely seem to think so. Facebook announced this week they are looking to bring 360º photos to the newsfeed on desktop and mobile. That makes a lot of sense as Facebook owns Oculus (the Virtual Reality headset manufacturing firm), whilst 360º video has been available on Facebook since September 2015.

Youtube have likewise had 360º video on their platform since last year, but they’ve gone one step further. It needed to happen, but LIVE 360º VIDEO is here, and I couldn’t be more excited!